Bozzers' Pensieve

My favourite nonsense Facebook page, Wrestling Memes has over 55,100 likes. 

Last week it posted about Heels in Pink, a company that makes ‘awesome girly wrestling goodies’. I shared the post, because not only was it proper exciting to see the stuff they make, but also because one person would be chosen at random to win a necklace and earring set.

Well, I came in to work on Monday to find that I’d won! Exciting! Heels in Pink asked me what necklace and earrings I wanted, so I chose HEEL because I’m naturally a bit of a baddie. As I have stretched ears, she said she’d replace the earrings with a bracelet for me. SO KIND.

So this is the gear that came in the post today. Extra packet of sweets (which I can’t eat - gelatine) and a Big Daddy pinbadge!

Happy as Larry! :’)